Hello lovely's, 


I’ve been asked so many times how this whole makeup and hair career started for myself and I have to say that I  simply followed my heart. I knew I loved to “beautify” other women and I was fascinated with Makeup & Hair since I was a little girl. Although I was a tom boy playing hockey with the boys, I knew I was someday going to own my own Makeup and Hair business, and here it is.


I’ve been practicing for more than 9 years and have beautified thousands of faces. To this day, I’m excited to meet people and value the confidence they have instilled in me.  It’s always invigorating to take on the next challenge as I pick up my brushes and do what I enjoy. What’s fascinating about it? You! My goal is to bring out those qualities that make you who you are, and most importantly make you feel and look your most beautiful!


My formal background in business has served as a great complement to my skills as a Makeup and Hair artist. Having that understanding of what it takes to become an entrepreneur has definitely helped me tremendously. I love what I do, and more importantly I love all of you:)


Are you ready? Let's enhance your beauty! 

- Kimber 


                                                                                          "Makeup is an art, beauty is your spirit "