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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my blog. Todays blog will touch on 5 inner body tips, and where you can buy those products.

1) Start your day off with a VEGAN protein, specifically Pea Protein as it is the easiest protein to digest, and the healthiest way to feel full longer.

My favourite is Arbonne's Pea Protein ( the chocolate one).

2)Have a warm drink in the morning, preferably caffeine free tea as it is easiest to help cleanse your body and get your digestive system moving. My favourite is Arbonne's Detox Tea.

It helps cleanse your liver , with its main ingredient; milk thistle.This tea will help you detox your liver and it will help your skin to be bright and clear.

It helps cleanse your liver , with its main ingredient; milk thistle. This tea will help you detox your liver and it will help your skin to be bright and clear. has caffeine. My favourite is Arbonne's Fizz sticks (pomegranate) because it gives me the energy ,with the ginseng and rhodiola, and has B12 which helps with my mood as well. It also only has 15 calories per tab which you put 2 cups of water with the 1 stick.

4)Have omegas 3's daily, usually 2 a day is the recommended dose. Make sure to find the purest form of omega 3. Omegas are best for cardiovascular health which is very important and often missed.My favourite is Arbonne's Omega 3 capsules as I know they source the most pure fish oil, and it doesn't give me the bad aftertaste when I take them.

5)Have protein bars for a snack before the gym to give that extra boost. But make sure to its not whey protein, or one with a lot of sugar or SOY(NOT good for you).

My favourite protein bars are the VEGAN Arbonne's Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Bars. They only have 5 grams of sugar in one 46 gram bar.

They have vitamins and minerals, that you most often are missing.

<3 To get yours today click <SHOP>

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Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone!! Thank you for checking out my first Beauty Blog! This blog is going to be a few tips and tricks to clean your makeup brushes.

Who has thought to themselves,how do I clean my brushes without all the mess or how do I get them REALLY clean.

Well..I have figured out a way. Has anyone ever bought something they thought they would use for its actual purpose but discovered to use it another way? I am taking about a rubber Ikea oven mitt, its incredible to get those brushes SUPER clean. You can get them at any ikea , the one I bought is red.

First you get shampoo of any kind, and an 2 drops of essential oil ( tea tree or thieves) both are antibacterial. You mix the shampoo and essential oil mix with half cup water into a jar or glass.

Then put on your oven mitt and dip the brush into the mix and start to scrub until fully clean, follow by rinsing with clean water & "ta da" clean brushes.

Lay brushes out to dry on a towel once you have finished cleaning them- they usually take about 30 -50 minutes if not more to dry. I like to do at night time and then leave them overnight to dry.

Hope you all enjoyed this beauty tip of the day! :) If you want to buy any oils or shampoo please send me a message through my website and I will be happy to get them for you.

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