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Beauty Tip : 3 Tips to Cleaning Your Brushes

Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone!! Thank you for checking out my first Beauty Blog! This blog is going to be a few tips and tricks to clean your makeup brushes.

Who has thought to themselves,how do I clean my brushes without all the mess or how do I get them REALLY clean.

Well..I have figured out a way. Has anyone ever bought something they thought they would use for its actual purpose but discovered to use it another way? I am taking about a rubber Ikea oven mitt, its incredible to get those brushes SUPER clean. You can get them at any ikea , the one I bought is red.

First you get shampoo of any kind, and an 2 drops of essential oil ( tea tree or thieves) both are antibacterial. You mix the shampoo and essential oil mix with half cup water into a jar or glass.

Then put on your oven mitt and dip the brush into the mix and start to scrub until fully clean, follow by rinsing with clean water & "ta da" clean brushes.

Lay brushes out to dry on a towel once you have finished cleaning them- they usually take about 30 -50 minutes if not more to dry. I like to do at night time and then leave them overnight to dry.

Hope you all enjoyed this beauty tip of the day! :) If you want to buy any oils or shampoo please send me a message through my website and I will be happy to get them for you.

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